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Digital Pathology

Revolutionary speed and efficiency, while maintaining high diagnostic accuracy.

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24/7 Diagnostic Service

Our group has transformed its surgical pathology practice in that the entire service is now digital with the exception of Hematopathogy.  Our system conforms to the CAP and Federal guidelines with ample storage for both clinical and research specimens.  This has allowed us to practice a decentralized and redistributed practice of medicine resulting in pathologist and operation efficiency gains without sacrificing diagnostic quality. Time zones and physical locations are no longer limiting factors for our academically driven dedication to patient care.

Natural Disasters & Pandemics

In addition to the transformation of distance and time in our practice of digital pathology, we are no longer constrained by the need to be tied to a microscope when a hurricane, other natural disaster or pandemic occurs.  This means that there is no interruption to our services due to the digital nature of our slide reviews.


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Baylor Pathology provides a broad spectrum of pathological services, using first-to-market technologies and a business-driven approach.

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